Our Vision & Mission
Our Vision
Wheroe the vision is one year cultivate flowers Where the vision is ten years cultivate trees Where the vision is eternity cultivate people This was vision with which Sharda Vidya Mandir came «Uo existence more than twenty two years ago.

Our Mission
The school aims to inculcate in the children a love for this country and an understanding and appreciation for its culture and heritage. It strives to promote responsible adulthood and citizenship by instilling in young minds moral and ethical values.

The school is situated on 5 acres land on a state highway amidst picturesque hillocks and lake. It is quiet, open to nature and away from the congestion-polluted atmosphere of urban and industrial centres while at the same time being easily accessible by a broad asphalted road. Conveyance facility is arranged by the school to transport the children to and from the school. Teachers using school transport and attendants ensure safe journey of the students.

Karishye Vachnam Tav means Do as directed, We create a happy and secure environment in which every pupil can realize his full academic potential and future dreams through a judicious combination of regulated freedom and restricted discipline under our vigilant and benevolent yet strict supervision and control. We believe that guided efforts lead to a better future.