Our Objectives
Since its founding in 1987, the school has been an unifying social force. A co-educational English medium school, it is based on the philosophy of providing quality education and seeks to equip pupils to a life of personal and professional achievement.

Pupils are motivated to explore issues and gain an in-depth understanding and factual knowledge of the subject concept. We follow what Abhraham Lincon has said

Teach him if you can, the wonder of books
But also give him quiet time
To ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky
And flowers on a green hill side
In school teach him
It is far more honorable to fail than cheat

We believe that education is a nation building activity and trains students to add to the wealth of the nation and values of society. Academic excellence, sound learning, devoted personal care and a wide-ranging experience are unique features of our school. Our aim is to create a happy and secure environment in which every pupil can realize his full academic potential and future dreams. We are a happy, vibrant, dynamic community providing every child confidence and scope to perform well. Excellent pastoral care and an extensive range of extra curricular activities support our academic strength.

Character is not formed in a day. It is a life long process. Realising the need to teach children the real values of life, a programme of action has been adopted to make moral education more effective and practical. Students are guided to hold self evaluation for self-improvement. They are told to uphold character as the most precious jewel in life.