Classroom Solutions

We also want to mention the drastic changes made by us in the teaching-learning paradigm. To keep ourselves abreast of the technological development, we have introduced i-classrooms solution, whereby the students, parents and the teachers will derive the following benefits

Students psychological fear towards the subjects like science and mathematics will be eliminated and their performance will improve dramatically.
Their comprehension and skill mastery will become easier and enjoyable, facilitating long term retention and retrieval. The classroom performance level will be homogeneous and the academic disparity among the students can be gradually eliminated or minimized.
Slow learners will be enthused to learn at their own pace which is bound to improve.

The parents can derive their satisfaction that their ward is provided with world class facility of learning.
In the process, in due course, dependence on outside tuitions/coaching at extra cost and stress for students will become an event of the past.

The introduction of this technology is not a substitute to a teacher, but a supplement to effective teaching.
Teachers with varied talents on the subject can teach with ease and confidence.
A tool for excellent classroom interaction thereby promoting teacher effectiveness and providing professional satisfaction for them.