Chairman Speaks

Welcome to SHARDA VIDYA MANDIR and greetings on behalf of all of us here. Set up as a foundation school, SVM since its inception in 1987,with a handful of students has evolved into a senior secondary school with CBSE affiliation. Today we have about 1700 students from class Nursery to std. XII in a beautiful and well maintained campus. We have registered a gradual and continuous growth, the emphasis being on the qualitative rather than the quantitative one.

There has been a steady increase in the number of students, teaching staff, facilities on campus, academic and extra curricular activities propelling our march forward. We have a constant and unquenchable thirst for development which has made us a cut above the rest and has enabled us to create a niche for ourselves in the educational arena of Bhopal. Driven by an inherent urge for achieving excellence, our staff members work in unison for the attainment of a singular goal. We are fortunate to be continuously guided by our founder chairman Shri M. Natarajan IPS Retd. who served as DG of police Madhya Pradesh.

Mr. Vinay Agrawal

A school is widely acclaimed and becomes well reputed primarily by the success and contribution of its alumni to the society and secondarily by the results produced in the board exam. Both these are closely related to the efforts of the faculty members of whom we are extremely proud. It is heartening to know that our alumni are doing well and the results of the board exams are comparable to some of the better known schools of the state

No man is totally perfect. So is the case with our institution. With certain degree of candidness I would like to disclose that there is a void in the matter of forging new links with the prospective parents and new acquaintances. We have not been able to convey and communicate our achievements and accomplishments in an embellished way. Therein lies our weakness and in the weakness lies our humility of not blowing our trumpet. Like the beautiful butterfly that emerges from the protected walls of the cocoon so also our tremendous achievements unfold themselves without much of a fanfare. In the fast changing scenario and with the moves in the right direction we are determined to secure our well deserved position in the galaxy of great schools.

As Aristotle has said "we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit". To enable our march towards excellence we consider your valuable suggestions and guidance as a matter of utmost importance. On the basis of priority your comments will undoubtedly be the foremost to contribute in no small measure for our self improvement and further development. Please write to the chairman@svmbhopal.net and do let us know if you are planning to come to our campus. It will be a pleasure to meet you.